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Dear God,
He always gets mad at me!! I don't see what I did wrong and he just gives me the silent treatment like were 5 years old! This is so frustrating! I don't know what to do!
Please help.

by jess

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The silent treatment is one of the most effective ways to abuse someone without saying a word, or putting your hands on them. Its a manipulating tactic design to break a persons' will. There is only one way to defend against it... focus on whatever else you need to do but do it with joy in your heart. Sing a song, watch a movie, whatever. If he has a legitimate reason for being quiet he will tell you without making a scene. If he doesn't he will be very upset with what would seem like an I don't care attitude. This is the sign of a controlling spirit. He will say you don't care about his feelings, in a calm tone you explain the reason why your doing what you're doing is because it seems as though he wants to be left alone, so you are giving him the time he needs to figure things out. Remember if he tries to engage in a heated arguement. A calm word turns away wrath. Be blessed.

soldierofchrist | on Apr 19, 2010

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