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Father, protect me from being deceived by false teaching tomorrow as I am forced to go to a church that preaches heresy (or, if possible, may my parents have pity on me and see that I have so much work to do tomorrow and so little time, so that they won't make me go). May I stay focused on You the whole time, using the hour to pray to You. Help me endure sitting through that hour as it is not only heretical but also one of the most boring things I know. Father, I ask that You save my parents. I ask also that You help me endure until I go off to college an finally get to attend a biblical church, River City Church. May River City Church continue to grow and Pastors Brett and Jake be kept from error. In Jesus' precious name, amen.

by Bri ([email hidden from spammers])

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False doctrine is very much alive today and is definetly polluting the minds of many people looking to do God's will and some who are not. The bible speaks a truth that is not always able to understand with the naked eye but reading the bible for ones self and doing intense studying will help anyone understand God's Word. Throughout 2 Peter chapter 2 the bible teaches about false teachers and their destruction. It is important when you are earnestly seeking to do God's will not to fall in love with the words of men but you should understand the Word of God for yourself because the men whose words you follow may not be speaking according to the Word of God. Be careful not to believe everything you hear even if you are comfortable with who is saying it and where you are. Make sure even where you love to worship is the place where God desires you to be. I will be praying for you. May God bless you.

Church of Christ Christian (Amanda) | on Apr 17, 2010

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