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dear God, I'm tired of life. I don't understand how you think I can manage all the things that have happened. to me. losing mama to cancer was really the end of everything for me. I'm becoming very angry with mother's day approaching soon. why can't I have my mother too! why dis you have to seperate us from each other I was not ready I'm only 23 I'm so upset at you God but yet I feel so guilty for admitting that I am. Elliott my bf does not believe in you God and has only added to my pain and problems why is he in my life if he serves me no good why can't I be strong enough to break free and allow another man to come into my life and let me feel happiness again. I'm afraid I will never feel happy like I did before with mama. she was the only person here who loved me so much. I miss being held by mama. sleeping with her robe isn't enough for me. please take me dear God I news to be with you and mama the world is so cruel to me. I know I will always be happy if I can see you and mama each day here on out

by kasey

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Kasey, I'm so sorry about you're mom. Losing a parent must b unspeakable. I send you all the love that I have in my heart as you're sister in christ. What do you need? You can write to me @ [email hidden from spammers] if you ever randomly want to talk to some1 u dnt kno. Haha im 20 so were close in age. Life is so hard. Nevr give up, god knows what we r going through. I will b praying & talking to god about u. -khia

khi. on. fire. <3 | on Apr 16, 2010

Kasey, I understand ur pain. I lost my mom too, and I know its hard. But God loves u and is with u. I know its hard to believe sometimes but God has a special plan for u. I myself looked everywhere for love, and it took me yrs to understand that God loves us so much more than anyone in this world can. I know u miss ur mom, but she is safe and so are u. I pray that will be strong in the Lord, and fill ur purpose in this world. Don't give up, give God time to show u ur way. Its worth the wait! I love u and I'm praying for u. God bless and be patient. He's here

nila tx, witness | on Apr 16, 2010

I am so very sorry for your lost. I love you, I will pray for you, and I will beg GOD to take away your pain. Your mom is safe with GOD, she is happy. She looks down at you with so much love. She hurts knowing you're in so much pain. Release it, offer it to GOD. He will find you comfort. Please be happy. You are blessed...

i need you JESUS | on Apr 16, 2010

You may not believe me but this made me sad

neoimean | on Apr 16, 2010

Dear Kasey, my heart goes out to you. I to lost my mother, she died from ovarian cancer, when I was seventeen years old, I was also being sexually abused by one of my mothers brothers. I was angry,hurt, and felt lost. I became angry with God for allowing these things to happen to me, and turned to alcohol to numb myself from all the pain. I only did what I had to do to finish high school, forgetting the desire to go to collage. Then 6 years later I finally came to a place that I had to confront and deal with my mothers dealth and abuse. I realized that God never left me and His hand was upon me, especially through the pain. I pray that you will turn to the comfort of the Lord and allow yourself to work through the stages of grief that we have to work through to live a healthy and productive life. I hope that you don't follow in rebelling against the Lord like I did for I only brought more pain and suffering upon myself. I have found that the best gift I have given for my mothers memory is to live a life that she would have been proud of, by trying to be a godly woman. May God bless you and cover you in love, comfort and peace.

montanaRain905,NC | on Apr 16, 2010

If You would like someone to talk to you are welcome to contact me through email....[email hidden from spammers] I hope I was able to be of some comfort and encouragement to you.

montanaRain905,NC | on Apr 16, 2010

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