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y won't you take this pain away? y do you ignore me grieve every night? y do u continue to let me hurt?. . im falling to pieces. . day by day I grow weaker. . y am I here? I wish the hospital never revived me.. so I wouldn't be crying on my phone screen now. . no one loves me no one even came to the hospitale when I came back alive. . im not even a good mom to my 8 month old baby girl . . I'm only 17 .. I don't wanna live anymore. . everynight I go to sleep wishing you'd take me again. .this time for good.. then everybody would be better off.. lord. . y? plz stop ]; my life has no worth. .

by Crystal Ross

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Father God please place your holy sprint around you child and show her that she is love by you. Father God please show her that she is need for her child. FATHER GOD I PRAY IN THE NAME OF YOUR HOLY SON JESUS CHRIST AMEN

needablessing | on Apr 14, 2010

He is there. He loves you. There is a reason for everything that you are going through. The valleys are deep, cold and lonely. You may feel helpless but with Him you will never be hopeless. Everyday when you wake up put a smile on your face even if you don't feel like it and proclaim that you know that there is a reason everything happened. That it has happened because it served as training for were he is taking you. Begin your climb back up. It starts with a single step. Everyday smile and wait on His glory. In 1999 I was in the pit myself. Now I thank the Lord for allowing me to experience it. Fear grasped my soul. Now I understand that on the other side of fear, doubt, loneliness is a double measure of joy and peace. Keep a journal. Write Him letters. Express yourself as if He were in front of you. Let Him know how all the feelings you are experiencing. Ask for whatever you want. Ask Him to show himself, for Him to help you get out of the pit, for his protection, for his love.
Thank Him and pray for all the others that are in the same place as you are now. That God may reveal Himself in their lives too. Don't give up. You have an incredible life ahead of you. You will help others too and if you are not there they will never know, never learn about God's grace, love and mercy.

Anonymous | on Apr 14, 2010

Baby there is am purpose for your being here I pray and ask god to remove those evil thoughts I pray that god hear your cry and heal your mind and soul..if man kind doesn't love you who cares god created you to his perfection not man and god loves you dearly he's only a prayer away he's waiting also he's already blessed you with an healthy baby he's go ahead give him praise thank him and acknowledge him bless you my dear

peaches | on Apr 14, 2010

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