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Dear lord, today i witnessed what many wish they never did, yet in such a way does it brighten my eyes to what reality really is so disturbing so raw but so real in every sense you feel as if every problem before this occured seems thus far, not even close to important and you see things for what it is. I was like a normal person at a lost for emotions no idea how to react but with hysteria a moment came within me the initial fight or flight mode seemed to smarten me up and i began with calmness discouraged and painful feelings never ceases to escape my mind but who cares about perfection when it not even real i would rather have destruction than a scene of calamity yet threaded on to make it seem as if things are just great as youre bleeding your tougne to death so the truth wont escape, im hurt at so many things right now my life seems to never amaze me maybe they see a thrill in a sick way whatever it may be never ever in your life stay with someone for the reason of others in any way if you are not happy you need to do whats best for yourseld, live for yourself, you have a right to be happy and not live under a tyranny of such a sort it amazes me how quickly humble i become after witnessing such a painful scene im hurt so hurt beyond dismay and i just pray for you as tears dwell my eyes to get out now do not think of anyone but yourself having dealt with this for years on in, no one deserves this, it will leave your spirit bruised. Money cant save your soul honey.

by stacy

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