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Please heal me father, I've been in pain today and am losing hope for my future. I feel hopeless and angry lord, the Bible says you heal yet I spend my days suffering this pain. I will keep praying lord but don't know how long I can go on like this. I do thank you for your comfort and healing with my anxiety so I know if you can start to heal my mind you can heal my body. I beg you. In Jesus name. Amen

by verity

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I feel exactly the same way. May God bless you and look over you

Tina from California | on Apr 12, 2010

Thank you. X

verity | on Apr 12, 2010

Verity, God is good all of the time, everyday he is completely good, nothing bad ever comes from God. He's not trying to teach you anything here, that would make him a child abuser!! What you are experiencing is all bad!! And that only comes from the enemy,I know because I have been where you are. Even though you feel like crap you need to let God know you know he's good, and let the enemy know it too, say it out loud when alone often. Also use psalm 103 as a weapon. God wants you well, completely well, you have to believe he wants that for you. You hang in there, never, never give ip your hope. Get hold of books by Bill Johnson, massive help. God bless steve

spartan | on Apr 12, 2010

Thanks so much Steve. I will read the psalm right now. Will look up the books too. God bless and thank you. X

verity | on Apr 12, 2010

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