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Lord...I ask something of you this night. You and me have not been real close lately...could we fix that? I'd like to feel your presence more often. To not only know...but to ferm your love as well. I'm not evil and I need you now. I need you always cuase without you it just feels so dark. I know the time is close and I can feel evil starting to run wild. But I need you to stand strong in your name. I want demons to see me and shake in fear cuase they know your there as my sword and shield. Well I'm going to bed. Goodnight lord. See yah in the morning. Oh and could you also give me some Derections with venessa...I need to know what I'm doing is right. Watch over her for me. I know she dosnt believe in you but that's why she needs you so badly. Love yah lord. Ps. Love what yah did with the earth. Even when we mess it up its still beautiful.

by TJ

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I might have missed sum of ur prayers but I'm pretty sure I read most of them. Hiii :) yhu praay with ah lot of heart. Gos listens .. & He caresss & ur faith will show yhu the way.

GOD iS WONDERFUL.! ILY :-D | on Apr 12, 2010

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