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lord if you love me. . . y do you continue to let me get hurt? I must not be important enough. . whenever you feel like paying attention to my cry at night. . I just wanna say "please take this pain away I can't do this anymore" amen. . .

by Crystal Ross

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Until we say yes and surrender completely to god we are the ones that direct our own steps..... "u" will continue to lead urself to pain and affliction without help untill u know that god is listening and has everything u possibly need if u just believe he will handle it! But it starts with ur faith in him.... wen u surrender that doesn't mean he will never hit a wall but he will guide u thru! U can hit my gmail down below or my aim (litaluv09) if u would like to talk... I have some scriptures that can help!

l[email hidden from spammers] | on Apr 11, 2010

God is listening and He does love you. When pain is as great as yours it's very difficult to understand. Keep praying. Keep having faith that God will lift you up and out of this. Many people in the Bible cried out to God, wondering why He wouldn't heal the anguish they felt. You're never alone. You might want to see a doctor because if it's clinical depression, there is help. Talk to your pastor or priest. Ask God to help you find the right person to help you get through this. You are VERY important to Him. God bless you.

sb0065 | on Apr 11, 2010

Amen to that... I realized there is nothing tooo big for GOd.... he needs ur whole attention! Thru ur pain he gives power.... this is the perfect time for him to enter ur life.... his power is made perfect n weaknesss! He's there honey... u just have to believe he is ALL THAT U NEED

l[email hidden from spammers] | on Apr 11, 2010

These are the times in our life when we should cling to GOD the most. Call on his name he will come to you to deliver you from pain and heartache. God is with us all we just have to pray. God bless you.

malcolm xavier brown | on Apr 11, 2010

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