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Is thankin God 4 giving me the strength to not call this man nor text him. I still love him and understand that it's going to take time 2 get over him but i'm workin on it. I still dont understand y he gave up on us but he did and i know that i'm going to have plenty of days were i'm going to miss him like now but i'm prayin that God gives me the strength to get over this. If he is not 4 me then i will be patient and wait 4 what the lord has 4 me. God bless u all

by MzConfused

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I really understand ur pain.. the same thing happen to me. N I almost lost my mind.. but god saved me n I'm thankful he did..jus hold on to gods word trust in him.. it will be hard. But I'm prayin for u. Godbless my sister

beyondblessed3 | on Apr 11, 2010

I know how you feel too! As women I think we all might have to experience some heartbreak or disappointment when it comes to relationships but stay strong! Keep your focus and attention on the One who will never break your heart and never forsake you. His love is matchless! No man can or will ever love us like God and His Son loves us. I will pray for you girl, things will get better soon.

Church of Christ Christian (Amanda) | on Apr 11, 2010

Thanks both of u. I'm trying so hard to let this go. As much as it hurts I guess it's all apart of life n we weren't meant 2 be but I gave him my all n it's hard knowing that he's right around the corner.

MzConfused | on Apr 11, 2010

When I had to experience a brake-up for the first time recently, I didn't know where to turn to for help and advice. But I found this website it is not the Word of God but it does give some excellent advice on what to do to get your peace and happiness back. Check it out and let me know if it helps you!

Church of Christ Christian (Amanda) | on Apr 11, 2010

God do have somebody for you because he didn't create us to be alone but he do prefer u to wait and seek him first because through him you will find a good thing that is equally yoke. Be patience on you this time to find out about you and your purpose

Anonymous | on Apr 11, 2010

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