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Why Lord? Why do you allow us to suffer, especially the young and innocent? When will this all end? No friends or family to turn to in our time of need. I didn't realize I was such a bad person.

by Ed from Texas

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We need also to recognize that our very minds were created by God. We can only use these minds to the extent that He allows, and it is, therefore, utterly presumptuous for us to use them to question Him and His motives.

%u201CShall not the Judge of all the earth do right?%u201D ( Genesis 18:25

%u201CShall the thing formed say to Him that formed it, why

Rev. Adam | on Apr 11, 2010

Sometimes it takes being in a bad place to get to a good place. Lean on god and trust in him he will get you there on his time and it will ease your suffering

Anonymous | on Apr 11, 2010

You are loved

Anonymous | on Apr 11, 2010

Often we find ourselves thinking that the things we are going thruoght are the things that will break us when they are the things that make us.

Anonymous | on Apr 11, 2010

Sometimes the best thing we can do is say I don't know. I doubt we will ever be able to know on this earth why God does all that he does. Some things are just left for us to question.

Anonymous | on Apr 19, 2010

Everything that God does has a reason

Anonymous | on May 18, 2010

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