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Dear Jesus, Please help me to see
your will for my life. I am finally getting back on my feet after having two surgeries in 9 months and at the same time going through a divorce and custody battle for my daughter. I know, Dear Jesus, that it is only by Your hand that I am able to even stand.Thank you for delivering me from a living hell at the hands of my abusive,alcoholic ex-husband.Thank You for healing my heart, mind,body, soul and spirit. Thank you for not forsaking me even when I married R after You told me that we would be unequally yoked, but I loved him ,I told You. In not heeding Your Voice I have truly suffered from the consequences of my sins by not living by Your principles. When I went against Your Holy Word and had premarital sex and choose to marry him even knowing that You had told me we were unequally yoked, I paid the price for being disobedient to You Lord. The Consequences of sin is truly dealth. That is why I am so determined to "get it right" this time. After not dating for a year and half after separating from R, and wanting to live a godly life, I made a promise to You, Lord, that if you had someone for me You would have to bring that man to me and that I would not have sex again unless I was married. Then I spent my time focusing on spending time in Your Word, working 10 hour days, to make a life for me and my kids and spending time with my family and friends. Although this has been one of the most difficult times in my life, I know what it is to experience the heartache of a failed marriage and know first hand how destructive alcohol and drugs can be not only for those who choose to do them but the affect it has on those around them.I know how it feels to be in such pain, day in and day out, that the thought of dealth and going to be with the Lord becomes a comfort and welcome thought and even a prayer. I can truly say that I have felt the healing hand of God. He healed my heart, mind, soul and spirit.Thank You, Dear Jesus, Thank You!! For the first time in my life I feel whole and complete and it feels so awesome! I no longer look for a man to make me whole and happy,because I finally figured it out I was always looking for God's love, mercy, security, acceptance and forgiveness. Only God can make us complete and bring us the peace that passes all understanding and true joy and fulfilment. When the Lord sees fit to bring a godly man into my life I will longer place the burden of making him try to fix, rescue or save me from my life or self, because Jesus already has. Thank You, Jesus, for restoring my life and for your many blessings. Life still has its UPS and downs but I am learning to cast my cares,worries and heartaches on the Lord, who is my All In All.

by MontanaRain905,NC

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Wow MontanaRain905 you are a testimony....I feel encouraged and inspiried just by reading this....I really don't know what to say but God bless you for sharing that and I was just asking for revelation on some issues and you touched on quite a few....I pray for your victory and in my prayers tonight you and your children are blessed...Thank you for your testimony...women who don't believe God is in the miracle working business should read your testimony...stay strong, keep the faith and I thank Jesus for you and your message of hope.

Restored | on Apr 10, 2010

Amen, Jesus Rules!

nila tx, witness | on Apr 10, 2010

Awesome testimony for JESUS!!

Anonymous | on Apr 10, 2010

Such an amaze'n testimony! Thank GOD 4 see'n u thru 2 share this. Amen GOD...AMEN!

SLManning | on Apr 10, 2010

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