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Hey Lord. How r u? Me im good jus going thru alot right now but im sure u have an reason y u r puttin me thru whatever it is that u have me going thru. Its hard 2 c the rainbow at the end of the storm. Please give me the strength to do so. With work,bein a mom,an a girlfriend it becomes hard an stressful at times. u said u would never give me to much that i cant bare so im trustin an believein that even though i lose faith every now an then. I really dnt wanna get n2 details but Lord only u know an my boyfriend know what happended today an what he did. Did i over react bout the whole thing? Should i trust him a lil more? To me he should have known better. Im tired of makin excuses for him an others i deal wit on a daily base. Im jus tired of going bac an forth wit him. Its gettin old. At times i wish he could put hiself n my shoes an c where im comin from. Lord what should i do. Im getting to the point where i dnt want a boyfriend an i jus want it bout me an my daughter an other things n life i need 2 take care of. I love him an want it to work but how much is too much. I already have engouh on my plate an then this. Im askin u to guide me an lead me down right path. I need guidness so bad. Im tired of walkin blind folded. Im jus askin for help an a sense of direction with everything n my life. N Jesus name Amen

by keke

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