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Father, jesus and the holy spirit. I ask you with entire faith, as the rock i stand on. To help me find buyers, and have the ability to find whos a buyer and whos not so i save my time. As well as i ask you to give me the right words to say, and excitement and enthusiasm and confidence and conviction. To connect with my clients, and give them a truly incredible investment. I ask you do this swiftly, and i thank you in advance for having this already done with multiple closed deals. 10,000 dollars or more in my savings account, all my bills paid, and all things i desire bought. and 3400 left in my checking account and i pray with all faith and trust in you that whatever i ask for i shall recieve because your word is true, and if i ask in faith it will happen. I thank you for this already happening now and i thank you for having this request completed by april 30th 2010. Thank you, in jesus's name i pray in faith. Amen.

by Answer to no one but God

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