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Dear Jesus, I come to you today with a heavy heart, I feel so heart broken over B. I thought that You had brought this man into my life to build a relationship and the possibility of a future together. We have had wonderful conversations talking about our relationships with You and the importance of living a godly life. He accepted and respected the promise that I made to You, Lord, that I would not have sex unless/until I remarried. He said,"Its not that I can't be faithful, I can, its just that I've never had a relationship that I've waited until marriage to have sex. This is new to me, because I have had sex with every girlfriend I've ever had." Then things got heated between us one night and we agreed that we shouldn't spend time alone together so we wouldn't be tempted beyond what we could handle. I thought everything was going good,then one day we were talking about my kids and dealing with my ex-husband and he got quiet, and from that point on I noticed a distance between us. Then he went a couple of days without texting or calling. When I emailed him to make sure everything was ok, he told me he was dating but nothing serious and that he wanted to continue to build a relationship with me and that he did not want to hurt me, but he just wasn't ready for a serious relationship. At first I felt relieved, because it really took the pressure off, but what really took me by surprise is the thought of him kissing, touching, and being with someone else. The thought of that really hurt my heart, even though I know I'm not ready for a serious relationship. I can't figure out what there is about this man that affects me so, it is beyond anything I have ever experienced. However, I have come to see that we are not walking in the same direction. I am seeking to live a godly life and he is still into going out and partying and seeking casual sexual relationships. Which confirms the fact that even though he has had a personal relationship with God, he is not seeking a godly life/or living for the Lord. Even though my heart hurts, and I am feeling the loss of him, I would rather have Jesus, than to give in to my desire for him. I love you, Dear Jesus, and I thank you for being my Lord, God, Savior, Deliverer and Healer of my heart, soul, mind and Spirit. And I know that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord. I know that God has a godly man for me and I just have to wait upon the Lord. In the mean time, please help me deal with the loss of our relationship, and the rejection and feelings that I was not enough for him. I love and praise Your wonderful and Holy Name.

by Anonymous

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Praise God that He is keeping you strong and resolved to be obedient!! I believe He has someone better out there in mind for you that you don't know about yet! Wait upon the Lord!

Sandy | on Apr 09, 2010

Sounds like he is a seducing spirit in it life. Proud of u for exercising enough discernment to recognize that. You can't get distracted or waste your time in mourning. You are going to transform lives around u in the next coming yrs by the power of the word of your testimony.

Anonymous | on Apr 09, 2010

It can be tough when we get rejected. You feel low and not good enough. But always remember this, its his loss. You held strong and had enough self respect to stand up for what you wanted. You did not settle for less and you chose God's path. God says worship me and all the other things will follow. You are a strong God fearing woman. He will bless you with a man greater than what you dream of. God bless you sister!

Ruby | on Apr 09, 2010


Servant of the Most High | on Apr 28, 2010

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