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There really is such a thing as fighting fair. If you get into a conflict or argument with someone today, take the high road. There should be no name calling, no mean-spiritedness, and no hitting below the belt. If you want to get to a real solution to a problem you are having with someone, you have to deal with it in a fair way. If you do, then the issue will be resolved once and for all. If you don't, it will rear its ugly head again and again.
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I agree with you a 110%! I am not perfect, and sometimes taking the high road is the hardest thing to
do! But it's worth it, the Lord knows what's in out hearts!

Praise the Lord! Praise his holy name!

Caitlin | on Apr 08, 2010

T D Jake's has a sermon about fighting the devil. Don't step into fighting ring. You will lose every time.

Debz | on Apr 08, 2010

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