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I need you father as always I'm streching my hands out to you asking for me and the person I'm in love with so much to just come back in my life it hurts to know that I'm not what he wants anymore I have wrote him million of times showing him how much I care for him and he never writes or call me back I'm feeling helpless I feel like I'm in this alone.... I just don't understand why it's always me getting my heart broken and left all alone crying and beggin and pleading I just dnt understand I don't want another guy I want my baby I want him to change and be there for me like I am for him.... I just wish he was normal and didn't really have alot of girls around him all the time god it sucks just please make a way god plz I ask in jesus name I pray oh holy father AMEN..

by God is loved

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Hi there. Um.. If u don't mind, i want to sharing with u. I've been in ur position long time ago. I know how u r feeling right now.. But believe me, it's just a matter of time & he is not the right person for u. All u have to do is have faith & believe that God's plan is better.. Believe in His time. When the God's time is arrived, u will see & feel how grateful u are for having a new soulmate that thousands times better than ur ex boyfriend. Put your future in God'a hand, let Him heal & guide u :)
i'm the real prove.. Now, i'm so happy with my love life.. I have a very very great soulmate ever! Than my ex bf. Now we're planning to get married. If i'm still with my bf, i dont think i will grow up as a better person & i dont think we have a great future together.
Well hopefully, my experience can make u better. Be strong & courage :) Gbu always! Hope u get a better partner of life soon :)

momolulu | on Apr 08, 2010

Sometimes its best just to let go. I went thru this with my ex and I still have a hard time. But its not worth the pain. If God wanted you to be with him, you would be. Be patient and know. This to shall pass. I'm praying for you. God bless

nila tx, witness | on Apr 08, 2010

Oh love, my heart goes out to you. I'm sorry you are in pain. This is probably not what you want to hear but If you need him to change then he is not what you want. God gave us all free will. I'm sorry things are not working out the way you hope for but, if you are in pain, believe me, God can bring into your life someone that will not cause you pain, that will only want to be with you. I will pray that God will mend your heart soon. God bless you.

Anonymous | on Apr 08, 2010

I feel your pain I'm here for you I've been praying the same thing but I have decided to leave everything in gods hands if it's meant to be he will be there for you and call I'm on same situation

elina | on Apr 08, 2010

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