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I'd like to say a prayer for those who are currently lost to Christ's Gift of Salvation, because they have been blinded by their chosen involvement in the New Age movement.

These are people who have bought into the conceptual thought system that teaches them that they themselves are the 'god and creator' of all of their own circumstances... which is utter BLASPHEMY!!!

The saddest part is that no malicious intent is intended by them. These people actually just think they are working and manipulating change within their own souls through this 'breakthrough theory' in order to improve their lives and connection to 'the Universal Good', to accomplish positive ends for themselves.

They honestly have all good constructive ideals and intentions in their minds; their goal is to achieve peace, prosperity, love and happiness... None of which can be real or lasting, when done out of human desire, and separate from Your Word and Majesty!!

Heavenly Father, may You humble the hardened hearts of these people, so that they may know their sin and see the cunning of the dangerously subtle and deceptive lie from Hell which they have chosen to believe!

The devil plays on human pridefulness as he attempts to try to turn people permanently away from the Light of Your Truth. He seduces them into believing they are 'self empowered', beholden to only themselves... And not to a Creator Who Reigns Above them.

This makes me SO ANGRY... With Righteous Indignation on behalf of Your Holy Name, Throne and Authority, my Lord.

The tactic he chooses to use is the mixing of very small doses of real facts (scriptural ones, at that), with enormous and immensely damaging lies!! He warps the truth and tempts the naive into believing this idea is a new and rational 'answer' to becoming the 'driving force in your own success'.

His sales-pitch is that this is a long-lost and eagerly sought after theory which was well known by 'the Ancients'. It is convincing enough that even some Christians have been mislead by their curiosity.

This so-called 'Secret' to success is a terrible deception which has been perpetrated and promoted by placing it under the banner of a guise of 'self-help', a concept which is so popular in our culture today...

So many decent people in the 'me generation' of modern society have fallen for this evil message from the enemy: hook, line and sinker!! Some dear friends of mine included.

Please Help them all, Father God... Make them SEE the error of their ways; so they turn their hearts toward You in Christ Jesus, and find Salvation through HIM!!!

In Jesus' Name... Amen.

by Praying4Victory

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