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Dear god
I come to u in prayer.i kicked my husband out in feb.and we r separted.i 5think that our marriage is over.i ask for a miracle to restore my marriage and for him to change for himself me and our three kids.i know that he needs u in his live.i gave him my heart for the last 16 yrs.and i do not want to let him go...please comfort me and my family with the holy spirit.and help me to ur name i pray amen....

by marie

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I wish u well and I pray for u. If I may suggest... :) try swapping shoes and listening even if u wanna talk. Also going on a date (not movies for no talking something like minuture golf or a board game) laugh n share allow sometimes to not b about kids, school, doctor apt., vet apt, money or sex.... just laugh. Don't know y I felt the need to write all that :) God bless u.

a lamb | on Apr 07, 2010

I am praying for you!

*Tinika* | on Apr 07, 2010

My mother is going through the same situAtion as well. be patient and be strong ask God for strength and cast all your cares upon will get better with or without him in your life,either way,that's how God wanted it to be:) I'm praying for you. Please pray for my mother as well :)

Anonymous | on Apr 08, 2010

You kicking him out is the work of the enemy. Because the enemy got something waiting hold on even if you see the worst in him. its hard but the testimony will be great. Remember all great marriages go thru hell at least once. Pray together...

Child of God | on Apr 08, 2010

I highly disagree that kicking him out is the work or the enemy. God dies things for a reason maybe He wants her to see something when he's not there maybe God's trying to work in his life without the distractions or him feeling "comfortable " I'm sorry but I disagree with you.through trials and tribulations comes wisdom and us seeking God was probably part of His plan

Light | on Apr 08, 2010

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