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Thank you everyone for every prayer and thought you have expressed....Im no longer RESTORED, I failed....Im angry and I wont put myself through this for the next disappointment to make its way towards me.....God my entire body just aches and I want this to end..I must tie up some loose ends and find a way to just destroy what I have always thought was Gods true addition to heart....I hurt so bad until Im numb so its just a matter of the day just ending and me drifting longer a longer wondering why God forgot me.....This will be my last entry thank you again and please keep my family in your prayers......signed NO LONGER RESTORED

by Restored

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Lord save this heart and soul in Jesus name

reborn | on Apr 07, 2010

Wow sounds like ur really going thru it... I pray it all gets better for u. I love u even tho we don't even know eachother. Please don't give up God has a plan for u and even what ur feeling now is part of that plan. Hang in there bud

King\'s Prince | on Apr 07, 2010

Jesus, I Pray for Restored, that she restored her name from No More to Your Own. Many of us know the type of anger she is experiencing... feeling unloved, persecuted... wondering if her prayers have all fallen on deaf ears... Yet, even if she leaves this board... & even id she turns her back on You... YOU are so Loving & Faithful that she will always have a home in you... So long as life flows through her body she has HOPE... even if she doesn't see the truth. Open the eyes of her heart Lord, one more time, to Your Glory. For The Sake of Your Righteousness. Save her from the yoke of the lies of the Enemy. Bathe her heart in the Blood of Jesus, cleanse her of her pain & sorrow.
In Jesus' Holy Name!!! Amen.
May God stay your hand, Restored... & heal your broken heart... You can choose to leave this board, but you cannot remove our prayers from you. I say that with all the Love that Jesus has placed in my heart.

Praying4Victory | on Apr 07, 2010

Don't give up! Like a boxer never gives up! A boxer has scares from ever fight every battle! That's what makes a strong boxer. Now apply that to you! Being a christan theirs gunna be a lot of battles and our scares will show others what god brout us out of! The enemy will never stop attacking us intill were in haven! I'm gunna pray for u trust in god even longer! Pray even more! Amen peace be with you god bless

daniel jr | on Apr 07, 2010

I really hope you have a change of heart. God does love you, and there are many people who care about you and don't even know you. I've been waiting to see another post from you. I've been thinking about and praying for you. You must know deep in your heart this isn't the answer. Please think about the many lives you have touched. Think about this... You have the option to either leave behind a legacy of triumph and perseverance or one of hopelessness and defeat. Please call someone for help now. You must know deep inside that you just cannot give up. Life is a gift from God.

sb0065 | on Apr 07, 2010

U shall nt give up, god strengthen us wen we r weak. Call on Jesus name,he is there wit u always...he knows ur name & ur every thought bt u cnt give up or end ur life. God loves u vry much...his love never dies. Sweetie u need 2 have ur bible wit u,listen 2 in christ alone & look n da mirror thankin god 4 wakin u up & 4 loving u. God is wit u always & he 4gives our sins 4 always a new start. Nt everyday will b a perfect day we as christians face da devil traps bt jesus is there wit us walkin thru da fire. Weve da victory n jesus always. Jesus never fails!!! I pray dat god will touch ur heart, ur mind, ur spirit & ur soul..Our god is mighty 2 save. Focus on god's wrd even wen da devil tries 2 discourage u & keep praying. Its better 2b n heaven 2 serve God than 2b n hell serving da devil..think b4 u act & wen u think also think about other ppl point of views,the pros & cons. God bless u & keep u sweetie. Dnt give up & dnt give in

*Shanique* | on Apr 08, 2010

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