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Sweet Jesus,

I turn to you this morning in desperation... I have reached my threshhold, and I feel as though I'm about to scream!! There's only so much negativity I can tolerate before my own sinful tendencies towards human nature and unleashing my tongue begin to rear their ugly head.

Father, You See ALL things and You Know that I have sincerely been trying to be a good daughter to my parents during their time of need due multiple medical traumas.

You also know the lifelong pattern of mental abuse that exists in this house. A pattern which caused me to begin running from this place to anywhere else I could go when I was in my teens... irrespective of where I ran, for better or worse... just so I would not be continually maligned anymore by them.

I knew that coming here would be difficult, but I prayerfully committed myself to leaving my own peaceful, happy home to come back here, 900mi away from my beloved husband for a full 21days before he will join me... missing in the process our first married Easter holiday celebration together. This in and of itself has been difficult.

What makes it even worse is that the old patterns, which have never been acknowledged as having been dysfunctional; are still existing here within these 4 walls!! It's as though time has stood still and I were 15 again, because seemingly in the eyes of my parents I have never matured and I am still a rebellious, disrespectful child. And if that weren't bad enough, it's like it's groundhog day to boot... I keep repeating the same tired patterns with them over and over and over...

2 parents, both of whom I love and whom I came in the spirit of being helpful and dutiful to in their time of great need... Dad having had his stroke and then shattering his ankle, barely able to walk; and Mom being so stressed by the weight of so much responsibilty falling on her shoulders alone, then following suit and having a stroke as well... I knew as their only child that I needed to come. I sincerely wanted to in my spirit... But I dreaded it in my mind.

Here's the issue: What I don't need and I am having such a hard time contending with, is the criticism and judgement I am subjected to in the process of trying to help. One minute I am a "good daughter", the next I am not doing nearly enough and I am pointedly asked why I wasted their time and mine by bothering to come here!! Nothing I ever do seems to be good enough for them!! It makes continuing to give and to do so lovingly increasingly difficult to accomplish... I can feel indignant anger stirring up within my heart. Nothing good can come of that. I really need Your Help right now... Please Incline Your Heart to me...

Lord, I know I am supposed to be giving this labor of love freely and joyfully as unto YOU. I also know I am beholden by Your Holy and Everlasting Commandments to give Honor to my parents, as You set them above me in a position of Authority... And Your Ways are above my ways, Your Plans are perfect. I know that through Honoring them I do The Honor of Obedience to Your Word. I Love You, Lord, and I'm doing the best I can, here. Father... Please See that I truly am.

Please help me to lean into You for support during this trial I am facing... Please help me to learn a greater capacity for humility and honor and love through this situation... Please help me to be of good cheer and behave like Jesus would have me do...

Help me to Walk in Love unto the completion of this task. In Jesus' Holy and Precious Name, I pray.


by Praying4Victory

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As I read your pray I am taken back to my teen years and how similar our two lives have been. I too had to go to my mother's aid after a stroke. And again the family termoil and abuse took place.
I found strength in God's word remembering how Jesus continued to love and forgive those who abused him so terribly. As I continued to face my dysfunctional family without my husband as shelter, I openly praied sending God's word to do battle for me. It halted all the verbal abuse and caused pause long enough for me to regain my position.
I hope and pray these words will help you and bless you for willingly returning to aid your parents who cause pain to a child of God.

Et. Tx. Prayer Warrior | on Apr 07, 2010

Thank you, Prayer Warrior. I wish you were closer, that we could bolster one another in our faith. I have drawn so deeply into Scriptural Introspection, just to keep my wits about me & not respond in kind to these attacks on my fragile heart. So unfortunate it is that so many of us are hurt the most by the ones who were set in Authority over us. I love my parents. I wish that new lines of communication & respect could be drawn between us all. So that the light of God's True Compassion & Love can Shine Through us all. They too are believers. They do not recognize the pain they cause me. It hurts knowing that, but thinking on the possibilty that either or both of them might one day leave this world without a bridge of Love being built between us... That hurts far more. Thank you for praying for me. I am in NY, where I was raised... but home is Southern Indiana. Though I am far from you, I am moved to ask of you would like to be Sisters in Prayer for one another... I thirst for Godly Friends. If ever you need prayer, my name is Deirdre. I am 40, a divorcee, a mom & a newlywed. My email address is [email hidden from spammers]... Please feel free to keep in touch. God Bless YOU for reaching out to me. Your words provided much comfort.

Praying4Victory | on Apr 07, 2010

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