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Father since moving here a few years ago I have not connected with Christian friends. Please send my way some who like Scrabooking and crafting together. Common interests so we can pray together and develope friendships.
Thank Father, I just want to spiritual grow with other Christians.
If you would like an adult Christian friendship as well please contact me [email hidden from spammers]
I'm in East Texas between Dallas and Louisiana. God bless you all

by Et. Tx. Prayer Warrior

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You responded to my prayer in desperation over returning to my abusive home to help my ailing parent. I thank you & I responded, but wanted to make sure you would see. So I thought I would respond to a prayer of yours. If it's okay, I'm going to jot down your email address... mine is included in this string:
Thank you, Prayer Warrior. I wish you were closer, that we could bolster one another in our faith. I have drawn so deeply into Scriptural Introspection, just to keep my wits about me & not respond in kind to these attacks on my fragile heart. So unfortunate it is that so many of us are hurt the most by the ones who were set in Authority over us. I love my parents. I wish that new lines of communication & respect could be drawn between us all. So that the light of God's True Compassion & Love can Shine Through us all. They too are believers. They do not recognize the pain they cause me. It hurts knowing that, but thinking on the possibilty that either or both of them might one day leave this world without a bridge of Love being built between us... That hurts far more. Thank you for praying for me. I am in NY, where I was raised... but home is Southern Indiana. Though I am far from you, I am moved to ask of you would like to be Sisters in Prayer for one another... I thirst for Godly Friends. If ever you need prayer, my name is Deirdre. I am 40, a divorcee, a mom & a newlywed. My email address is [email hidden from spammers]... Please feel free to keep in touch. God Bless YOU for reaching out to me. Your words provided much comfort.

Praying4Victory | on Apr 07, 2010

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