Prayer Request

Dear father.
I look towardz heaven
N what I see?
Our lord father
Looking down at me.
In hez heart he tellz me
Hez comming for us.
U wait n seez..
That is no liez
Father told me...
Well, christianz brotherz n sisterz
Edward getting worse...
N them authoritiez
Won't help me..
Idk whatz been said
But the evil onez
Thinkz hez good...
When under hiz hood
Hez no good...
Member when jesus last
How tht follower lied n trick
Them otherz?
How tht smiling face
Was no other?
Or tht fallen Angel
Pretend be good?
N god him down
From heaven
Towardz hell?
N now tht fallen Angel
Is the devil?
Well christians tht iz

With hez sweet face n all
But behind your back
Hez not great. Killing an
Baby n DON'T care...
Sayin' mean thingz
N he liez...
I tried n I tried
Idk what he said
But he lied
N made me bad
Now them cops don't
So, every thingz these pple
Do... god iz angry
Everythingz that happenedz
With me.
God knowz
N if I die before ib wake
God will know whom
He will get...
The murder
The pple killerz
Of hez turft.
Jesus in heaven
With our lord.
Please help me
So I be safe...
Don't let edward win...
Hez no good...
Please pray for me...

In the name of the father
N the son Amen

May god be with you all always..
N please pray for me...
Thank you god bless..
Amen .

by Anonymous

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