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I thank you for praying for me and trying to help me follow the good word. I woke up the other day and received 2 calls which literally were everything I needed to hear and have happen. As a result of the good newa I decided to take a little bit of cash out of the bank and have a little celebration. Allow my wife and I to have and enjoy some of the glorious things God has made for our enjoyment.

I was not depressed for the first time in about a year and I sang Jesus and God praises. The next day I received a call stating that the lawyer made a mistake and my settlement was 750 and not the 10000 I was told was waiting for me. The money I removed from the bank cause sedveral overdrafts to occur as being assured a 10000 check was waiting for me allowed me to go but clothes shoes enjoyed a movie and pay of some financial obligations. I went from basking in Gods glorying to feeling like he dropped kicked me.
If this is not God punishing me than what would be?

by Wandering Soul

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Satan hates to see you rejoice, and give Praise to the One through whom all things are possible. I'm sure Job felt like he was drop kicked by an oversize mule, and the the had an oozie unloaded on him, only to survive in his agonizing stresspool! He hung on to God, and he didn't the the promises of the new covenant; "ALL things work togather for Good, for thosecwho Love God, who are called according to His purpose". Don't leave God, He Will Never forsake you! Make the choice to rejoice! Psalm69:30- as you MAGNIFY God, you Will begin to see Him BIGGER than your circumstances.
Remember, if you aren't bumping heads with the devil, it's because you're going the same direction.

Consumed [email hidden from spammers] | on Apr 05, 2010

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