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I'm upset right now & I'm unhappy. I don't mind helping people, but in this case I don't feel up to it. It's not fair that every time people need a place to stay, they come here. I told Gerald that I didn't want Derrick here because he is disrespectful. Gerald doesn't care how I feel. He constantly is mean to my sis, their kids, & he sleeps around on her. I don't think that he wants to be with her. And now the result is a girl claiming that he's the father of her child. And its true that he was sleeping with the girl, but lied to my sis. I found out that he was using our house phone to call her. And that is not right. I don't care that its Geralds bro. Right is right & wrong is wrong. I don't like the fact that my parents let him reside with them with everything that has happened. This girl picks with my sis & my sis has gotten in trouble before for a girl picking because he was sleeping with her. I pray myh sis will move on. Now I'm unhappy & upset because I have no say so. I live here too. I just wish i can get on my way to the Navy soon. Because I don't like living in a place that is supposed to be my home, but everyone is allowed to take over & do what they want. Lord forgive me for being so angry. I'm just being honest to you.

by greeneyezka

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Sweetie calm down,i kno ur upset & angry about da situation. Read the bible, pray & tell jesus wat u need him 2 do 4 u,i promise u he'll make a way. Keep praying 4 da truth 2 come out bcuz it will. God bless u sweetie

*Shanique* | on Apr 05, 2010

Hang in there and continue to seek the Lord for comfort. Do your best to give this to the Lord & He will take care of this. He always listens to his children.

Anonymous | on Apr 05, 2010

I totally agree wit dat,leave everything n god's hands. He loves u sweetie

*Shanique* | on Apr 05, 2010

My friend, it's ok to be angry. The important thing is to be careful of your actions and words while angry. Paul, in his letter to the Ephesians said, "Do not sin in your anger." That means we do get angry and it's ok. Just keep God in the driving seat.

You're angry at the situation and God understands. Habakkuk of old was angry at the situation around him. "Violence" he cried out. "Why do You let me look upon violence?" He asked God. "How long shall I cry out violence and You will not help?"

You know what God said to him? "The vision is yet for the appointed time; it hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; for it will certainly come, it will not delay." Hab. 2:3

The vision of his help and the work of God in his life was going to pass but at the appointed time. God promised saying, "Be astonished! Wonder! Because I am doing something in your days - you would not believe if you were told." Hab. 1:5

Wait on the Lord. He loves you and cares for you so much. He's aware of your situation and He WILL deliver.

Fubbz | on Apr 05, 2010

Thank u all for the kind words. I'm feeling better now. I know God is there & I give it all to him. I just had to get it off of my chest. Thank u all again for the concern.

greeneyezka | on Apr 05, 2010

God bless you, sister

Fubbz | on Apr 05, 2010

God bless you as well. : )

greeneyezka | on Apr 05, 2010

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