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I dont regret meeting Jesus at all but i feel a lot more depressed since i became saved....maybe its because i cant do what i want to do but God Goodness i feel a lot more double minded and trapped....i know i have free will and thats why i fall so much since i got saved almost three years ago i had sex with 2 men and foreplayed with at lest 2 more....during sex i forget about my problems.....weed make me lazy and some christians are some darn jugemental it sucks...then if i turn back into the world i will feel bad because i love God and all my so called friends will judge me...or i stay with God and just hope one day i will be able to just live and not think so much.....

by ineedunow

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Hi sister, I know exactly what your going treu.. since i accepted Jesus as my lord and savior i had a lot of dubble feelings of how to live my Life and most of the time i feel ashemed and not worthy of the Love of God and jesus.. and i found it hard where to turn to also cause of my judgemantel friends, but i feel so much Love for jesus i dont ever want to give that up i know he is listening so i can always turn to him,ill know he Will change us if our hearts are genuine just as long you dont give up, keep praying and reading the word of God and it will turn out right God has a plan for all of us we need to have faith and never give up, you know the devil is around us tricking and he wants us too step out of the rightouss path pray so you can resist his deceiving ways, God loves us so much he wont look at our sins cause of Christ.. hold on we'll get there where God wants us to be and to become.. God bless you & youll be in my prayers..

sra | on Apr 05, 2010

True sister.Good or bad people will always talk.Jesus is the way ,the truth and the happy in him.x

modi | on Apr 05, 2010

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