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Mother died when i was 2 molested by my sister raped by my cousin moved to the u.s had a few good years moved into a group home ive was forced into prostitution and also becme very family is distant and i am currently a single mother...of course i see God in my life but o my God i dont even know who i am im afraid of what people think of me even though im doing good in school and have my own place i seem pretty normal but is it normal to feel so down every other day....i also battled with my weight....when people look at me they see a gergeous girl or so they say but i often feel like crap i really want to stop feeling this i look and try to find one person just one person who would really love me..this is so crazy....i read all the ptayers on here and it seem like most of the people are so depressed....i wonder what is going on....i fight with my flesh and always fail.....the gay peple are happy and the people who know what they want are free i cant see what God plan is for me in my life i heard " it will be ok" a million times....i want to have true love a family or even just fun maybe im too young 23 but omg i want a BIG break....what is life without being able to live...i know they see a pretty face and a nice body but i am torn...

by ineedunow

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I'm 23 2 & I've ben thru sum things myself, but the reason we go thru things is 2 help us bcome better & stronga.2 share r struggles & trials thru testimony so d@ others can blieve & have faith n GOD. we also go thru these trials 2 glorify GODs name. Da enemy is da only 1 d@ dsnt want us 2 do gud r glorify GOD. he wants us 2 b confuse'd & question GOD. that's whn u kno sumthangs not rite b/c faith n GOD shud neva b doubt'd. N yur case yur pass wsnt d@ gud, but look whur yur @ now. GOD puts us thru thangs 2 bring us closer 2 him. Erry1 is diff, so diff test com 2 diff peps. I prlly cudnt handle wha u endure'd & vice versa. But yur yung, pretty, n skool & have a lil 1. Those r gr8 blessn's. Dnt wrry bout wha other peps thank cuz dey gonna tlk regardless. Jus remember yur not live'n yur lyfe 4 them, yur live'n yur lyfe 4 GOD.& GOD will bless u w/ sum1 jus b patient & focus on GOD, yurself & yur baby. Moe blessn's r on da way, dnt lose faith.

SLManning | on Apr 05, 2010

Hello my name is terry,and I won't you to no that you are very special and the good lord loves you and don't you for get it the thing he let happen too is only son,prove that trust. Him love him with all your heart soul and mind if need someone to talk,or pray 1214 664-2055

F.H.N.F FAITH HAS NO FEELING | on Apr 05, 2010

God is love take time to look and see how bless u r. Life health and strenght. And yes there is someone for everybody. Praying for u

ej | on Apr 06, 2010

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