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Hi my name is James. I am 14 and I really just don't want to live. I am away from friends, most people don't understand me and take things I do the wrong way and a lot of other things. I just want The Lord my savior to take me home to heaven. I am a baptist by the way. I have been in trials my whole life with my dad almost dying and the threat of always losing our houses to losing friends who I thought of as brothers. I can't take this The Lord just doesn't seem to be here right now though I cry out to him I can not here him and I feel like he has left me please pray about this

by Shiloh

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Shiloh ( James ),
Please stop thinking that way. A lot of young people think that way, I did when I was about your age. I grew up in foster care; then he hospital; then back into foster care; then back into the hospital; then finally into a grouphome. I've had people make fun of me; hit me a lot; from childhood to adulthood. I felt the same way. As a young person sometimes life can be hard. I'd rather you try Jesus PLEASE. God don't want anything to happen to you because as you get older God wants you to do some work for Him. You express yourself very well as to the way your feeling. When your talking to God let Him know how you feel and how you would like it to be as long as God is in it. Then patiently wait for good things to happen. There are things that may seem to never going to happen; trust in God and it will. I'm still still going through crazy things as an aldult but with Jesus by my side I don't worry too much. I want the best for you. JESUS WANTS EVEN BETTER FOR YOU. PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP. JESUS LOVES YOU.
By the way: ( I'm 55 and loves The Lord ).

@FREEdom | on Mar 29, 2014

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