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I jus had a deep thought 2day, wen everyone is going thru a storm or storms...some ppl just sit there & dwell on it while sum others forget & move on and da remaining ppl say lord i leave it n ur hands & still keep their faith, basically giving god praise. Now another thing i thought about, wen ur going thru a storm or storms god is there wit u always bt dnt sit there & watch taking defeat...god didnt say its gonna b easy bt thru him & faith all things r possible. Wen u speak of faith,believe it & have confidence dnt jus say it & dnt believe n wat u sed. Also wen u pray & ask 4 things,speak as if u already have it n jesus name speak wit faith & confidence also apply god's wrd n ur heart, mind, spirit & soul. God wudnt give us things dat we cnt bare. Stop complaining, hold on have faith, stop worrying god is there. God did say give me ur burdens & i'll give u sweet rest. Praise God thru da gud times & da troubled times..

by *Shanique*

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Praise him always,thank him always..jesus we love u,i love u. Ur worthy 4 all praise. Glory 2 god,weve the victory in jesus.

*Shanique* | on Apr 05, 2010

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