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Hello my brothers & sisters n christ. I wud like 2 1st say god is faithful, loving, da truth, da way, da light, powerful & am so thankful 4 wat he has done 4 me, 4 my family & 4 every1 else. Ive learned 2 b strong, confident, patient, honest & wiser...god thank u 4 everything..nothing is impossible 4 god 2 do. Keep ur faith, stay strong, keep praying, keep fasting, keep reading n god's wrd, stay confident n god, n urself & n god's wrd...serve da lord no matter how many times da devil may attack u still praise & serve da lord. Our god is faithful,he is in us & with us always...he'll never leave us nor 4 sake us. Miracles happen & god answer our prayers. "Watever we ask n prayer, we shall recieve". Jus trust & wait upon god. May god bless u all. Thank u my followers 4 praying 4 me. I love u god i love u & thank u

by *Shanique*

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Signs, visions, miracles & wonders follow those who believe, trust & love the lord. Hallelujah Jesus

*Shanique* | on Apr 05, 2010

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