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Adam n eve once was naked and nothing seem abnormal for them until the fruit was eating so basically that tells it all from there if the fruit wasn't never eating , but Jesus is it bad that I wear short shorts ect! I don't dress naked but I do go over the top sometimes not for attention that just how I like to dress but should I change my dressing or just be myself !?? I not doing it for the wrong reason I just love me !

by i love u

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God said,to do everything inorder just have respect for your self u don't hasve to dress ne way to lov your elf

2 Bless | on Mar 28, 2014

Do a web search on modesty in the bible. Then pray for wise discernment and then read the scriptures. Forget about commentaries just seek truth in scripture.

Anonymous | on Mar 28, 2014

Also do a web search on "bible verses about csusing your brother to stumble". Pray for discernment then read the verses. There are many verses on this subject. And there are many ways we can cause ppl to stumble. Example, Jesus drank wine so to drink a glass is not sinful but if you pour a glass and laugh and drink it merrily in front of an alcoholic there is something VERY wrong with with drinking that wine. The same goes with women and clothes. You can run around the house in a short skirt but if yourun around in front of a man who struggles with lust (most men--even married ones) then there is something very wrong with dressing that way. It is not the clothes or the wine but what it does to other people that you have to consider out of love for others and respect for God.

Anonymous | on Mar 28, 2014

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