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Lord god
I want to know you like others know you
I want to feel what others feel
I want to hear your voice
I want to feel your loving arms around me
I want to walk with you by my side
I want to feel your peace
I want you lord God
I'm knocking
I'm longing
When you open the door and let me?
When will you let me sit next to you
And join in?
I'm waiting lord

by sadmom

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To Sadmom,
God is going to Bless you with what your asking for. In due time you will see those things come to pass. It may not come when you want them to, but it will be right on time. You'll be soooo happy in Jesus and soooo living for Jesus, you won't even know Jesus has delivered you. That's how AMAZING GOD IS.

@FREEdom | on Mar 26, 2014

Amen I agree with @Freedom. The most wonderful thing is that your hungry for Gods presence. He hears you and he will give you your heart's desire. Just remember Gods timing not yours. You should watch the movie God's not Dead. Am pretty sure you will feel his presence.

GodswarriorπŸ’ͺ | on Mar 26, 2014

My friend, keep on seeking God. He will show up! No matter what keep on praying and asking. God will do it.

AnointedtooPray | on Mar 26, 2014

Thank you
All I want
It to make God happy
I want to know him
But something has always blocked me
It's like I know the house
But can't get inside it
I try all the doors, knock on the windows
I see everyone inside having a wonderful time
They call out to me to come inside but I can't
Does that make sense?

sadmom | on Mar 26, 2014

Bless you Turnip_seed
Bless you

sadmom | on Mar 26, 2014

Thank-You Turnip_seed for encouraging Sadmom's heart. God Bless everyone's encouraging comments of Faith in Jesus.

@FREEdom | on Mar 28, 2014

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