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Dear Lord
please break any bondage out there that has to do with the emenies lie that
says"the lord does not love you or care for you"

this is a lie straight from the mouth of the devil
and as You Know Lord i myself have fallen to this lie more times then i can count due to my horrible childhood
i need to keep telling myself that what my earthly father that was damage did to me is not how You Oh Lord are going to treat me when i mess up
and i donot know about others but becuase of the mental distortions that can be cause by this at times this can seem very confusion
Oh Lord please forgive me when i or others fall in this lie
help us all and me to see Your Truth Oh Lord Only
in Jesus Name i pray Amen

by bcraig

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Thank you for posting that, I really need to hear It at this time.

Hopeful1 | on Mar 26, 2014

Me too
In trying to weed through all of the lies that we're placed in my head. To think God could love THAT seems impossible doesn't it? But he is God and can things we can't even fathom could be possible

sadmom | on Mar 26, 2014

yes God Does Love us that much even when do not have inner stenght to love our self He Does

Dear Lord
i just want to say a prayer for each one of Your Child in Christ Jesus that have reach out for You Oh Lord
please just bring Your Comfort and Your Peace to each one in Jesus Name

bcraig | on Mar 26, 2014

Thank you for your prayer... I really felt more peace and joy not long after posting my comment. Praise to the God of all comfort!

Hopeful1 | on Mar 26, 2014

Dear Lord
Thank You for Awsome Grace that really Does Surpass All Understanding Glory to You Oh Lord
in Jesus Name

bcraig | on Mar 26, 2014

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