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Why do you allow me to be tortured Lord?
What have I done?
I call only to you
I depend only on you
Instead of protection
And I'm left to listen to darkness
Please help me calm down
Please help me to relax
Take the sadness
And loneliness from me
I want
What I can not have
My heart is breaking
Please help me lord god
I beg of you

by sadmom

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I am praying for you.

You are human. That is why.
You loved. And it is not going as planned... I am sorry for that.
god is not punishing you. He loves you.
You have to learn in life to take a deep breath and relax.
There are reasons why things dont go your way at the time you want them to. Your antsy. Take your focus and turn it elsewhere and maybe something beautiful will blossom for the future.
Or something even better will come along that doesn't need such hard work and heart ache.
Im sorry for your pain.
May you find peace and happiness.
the light is in you and you are not left in the dark. Since your not getting what you want you choose to be there.
Come out and fight... be strong and move on and your eyes will open up and realize what you've been missing....
I hope you understand.
All the best...

BabyRu | on Mar 17, 2014

Amen. You sound like me. Im tired of crying inside. I pray you find what I can not. And thats peace. May you find your strength.

Jennelle | on Mar 17, 2014

God loves you very much and he would never do anything to hurt you. He will help, pray to him, talk to him he will always be there for you....okay just remember that he loves you okay and I will pray for you

izzy | on Mar 17, 2014

I thank you so much
You're words of wisdom makes sense
My heart knows
It's my head that I fight with
I have saved your response and plan on reading everyday
As a reminder
Thank you for being there
And caring enough to send words

sadmom | on Mar 18, 2014

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