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God. Please don't let me gain anymore weight!! I need to be able to fit my clothes comfortable bc of my hiatal hernia and can't If I gain anymore weight.
Please let me lose 9 more pounds soon without getting sick.
I have a lot of medical issues and my body gains weight quickly for no reason. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

by Gods child

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I pray your able to lose the weight. I have. A few tips that may help. Drink lot and lots of water, if your not a fan of water drink lipton tea. Also cut back on breads,tortillas. ect. When. You eat eat the proper. Portion. Size, don't just pile. Food on your plate. Try to stay away. From fast food. If you canfind something on the minute that. Healthy salades grilled sandwiches, take off one bun. Or eat a kids meal. Always drink water about 30minutes / 1hour before you eat, and i glass while your eating. Don't. Skip meals you'll only be starving later and over eat. Also you body. Will hold onto fat because it doesn't. Know whenn you'll eat again. Eat healthy snack.during. the day i recommend a snack at ten am and. Around three pm. Fruits, nuts, veggies.Hope this helps in Jesu name amen

jaju | on Nov 26, 2013

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