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Father God, who lives in heaven. Thank you for the day and thus moment. Your is powerful. Your kingdom come. Your will be on earth as it is in heaven. Thank you for this day our daily bread. Forgive me for having doubts on the situation concerning the delivery of my unborn son due in December. Whether I would still have to have the C section as scheduled or natural delivery. I am trusting in you. I am believing in you for you to see me through this time.

Forgive me , Father, to ever allow fear, stress, worry ,and doubt creep into my thoughts. God , I am depending on you. God, turn this whole situation around. BREAK and LOOSE every chain that is binding me. RELEASE ME, in the name of Jesus. I plead the blood of Jesus.

God, Kat and Jay are still communicating why???? Father, I do not have any ill will towards her however I am so tired of the lies and deciet that is going on between Jay and Kat.

God , there needs to be an intervention. I bind the works of the enemy attempting to destroy what you are building. Bring Kat true self out in the open. Open her eyes for her to see the truth and what Jay told her.

STOP Jay within his tracks and make him see that he is dancing with the devil. God, you see everything and and know everything. Protect this household from the demonic spirits that Jay has been dealing with.

Place peace and prosperity on everyone within this house. Send your Angels to walk through this house ans minister to those who it the most. Remove the spirit of strife, lack of responsibility for one actions, decietfulness, unfaithfulness, and indeciviness. Replace it with peace, love, trust, prosperity,truthfullness,compassion, and commitment.

Uplift me to the rightful position where I am destined to be. You see and you know all. Lord, I humbly bow at your feet , my Lord. Place your hand on my situation.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

by pregnantfaith

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