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主啊!求求您給我指引,給我人生的方向。感謝您讓我和Niven 昨晚有溝通的機會。我把自己交付到您手中,講這些困難交到您手中。請您保佑我們,守護我們。請您幫助Niven克服他心中的難關,請您讓他別忘記我所說的話。求求您讓他留在台灣,並找到他的方向,他的價值,並讓他珍惜我們的緣份。主啊!守護我們!我真心的祈禱,求您能聽見,並幫助我們。Amen

by Anonymous

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Anonymous | on Nov 22, 2013


Anonymous | on Nov 22, 2013


Michael ATX | on Nov 22, 2013

In English this is, "Lord ah! I beg you to give me guidance to the direction of my life. Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to communicate and Niven's last night. I deliver myself into your hands, say these difficulties handed your hands. Please bless us, protect us. Please help Niven overcome difficulties in his mind, please do not let him forget what I said. I beg you to let him stay in Taiwan, and find his direction, his value, and let him cherish our fate. Lord ah! Guardian us! I sincerely pray that you can hear and help us. Amen"

Anonymous | on Nov 22, 2013

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