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Dear God I understand Your earthly children must develop patience for their blessings to come. Sometimes it takes years of trials and tribulations and even persecutions to see our breakthrough and sometimes never. No matter what God You do bless us in other areas, even the smallest things counts. God You loved the world so much You even brought Your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ from heaven to save our sinful souls. We truly appreciate the reason why we are still here. This blessing supersedes any other blessings we ask for.

And God when our hearts our broken, many request favors to heal it quickly. I recently overcome a broken heart and it took months for me to recovered, but I overcame it. I had to learn to appreciate that it's not on our time, but it is Yours. I continue to pray incessantly, even though I am better, much wiser that I do not have a setback because the devil is watching and reading this letter to You. He will attempt to break my spirits, but God You are Almighty and Powerful.

We all our requesting something from You God whether it is employment, a child, marriage, healing from disabilities and other ailments. When we do request these things, You hear us and You get sad all of the time because some things will not be honored. No it does not mean You are merciless or not loving. We do get mad at You God because we are humans. We ask You why did You allow this to happen to me and my family, and why are You allowing the devil to taunt me.

Sometimes we get discourage and do stupid things to hurt You. Yes, many of us rebel against Your words because we did not get our way, and not come back right away. However many of us do come back. I do not question Your work, and You know what's best for us. When sin came into the world, it meant that we all suffered, but You allow it, however, You are not the cause of it. Please read and appreciate the book of Genesis in the Bible.

One more thing Heavenly Father, for those who fell in sleep in death, whatever the circumstances of their deep sleep, God only You will bring them back as angels in heavens and guardian angels here on earth to complete Your mission. Our love ones will never be forgotten. We will continue to remember them thru our tears and our words. They will always be here in spirit. Ask God to give You the perfect peace. Ask God to help You get thru this difficult time. He will not leave you or forsake you.

Know that if we died today know that our Father love us and He care for us. This is the price of sin and the hardest issue to accept. Who wants our love ones to die? I don't. I certainly don't. I know how this feels because I lost so many. I don't want to die. I pray that we will live forever when God restore His heavenly and earthly kingdom. Had to say this because all of us need to hear it and eventually receive the message.

Everyone who is reading this message, please write down the great things that God has done for You despite every trials, tribulations and persecutions you encounter. When you actually see what you wrote, you will begin to appreciate it more. Continue to read it daily if you can as a reminder why God is continuing to give you the breath of life.

In Jesus name we pray amen.

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