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You the only who knows my struggles and sitution. People see a pretty face and smile but if they only knew. I know you going to pull me out this and do the unexcepted. You have blessed me too many times.

( Had a car that gave me trouble n u blessed me with a new car that I couldnt afford n now paid for within a year of havin. You open the door so I can have a job. You made a way for me n my child. Blessed me.with money so could give son a christmas. My life you spared. )

They see me as a nothing and look down on me because I dont have much. My life is not perfect never will be cause am just me n dont have a husband n my own.I never fit in with my sisters. Am tired God, I keep my peace and quite when theyblaugh n talk bout me. I know in my heart you have not put ynme here to stay but only preparing a better way.

For those who say I never achieve anything, earn degree from college, never have my own, never b married, you going to strenghtn me in all areas of my life my faith I have in you.

by Mississippi Gal

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Don't be discourage. You are so bless. The devil wants to discourage you of what you think you are lacking. God will act exceedingly and abundantly in your behalf. You will never be without since You are under His wings. Let them talk. Jesus was talked about and persecuted. You are following his footsteps. While everyone is so concern about their material things, it can be snatch away from them in the blink of an eye. Do not wish evil upon them. As a matter of fact, wish them well. Ask God that your enemies continue to be bless. In matter of time God will reward you. The only difference is You will be humble with your riches.

Anonymous | on Nov 20, 2013

Anyone can get a husband but You don't want any man. They may have a miserable and could be living a lie. See when your husband comes, you will know he is the one. He will respect God temple. He will not allow you to submit to fornication. You will not settle for anybody because you deserve better. Have you notice that the reasons relationships go wrong because of premarital sex. We give away God temple to bring in heartache and pain. You will be fine. You are worth more. God said You are. Keep that in mind. Amen:)

Anonymous | on Nov 20, 2013

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