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Please continue to pray for Adam who is still missing. Another email from my pastor who received this email from Adams dad.

Yesterday in Bible class here in BG, the teacher spoke of philosophy professors who will challenge students' faith with the question, "Why would God let bad things happen to good people?" Adam raised his hand and said something to the effect of;
"This world is a broken down and decayed house. My God takes care of us and wants to get us out of that house."
I miss you my son. I love and respect you... very much. I so wish I could have had more time with you here. I am very thankful for who you are and the 25 years you were here. I keep thanking God for you.

After speaking with the police, search team, and Adam's room mates, the heavy facts are as follows: Adam lives near the river, and has spoken at other times to his room mates about swimming in the river. Yesterday it was in the 70's in BG, and after morning services, Adam headed barefoot without his phone or truck, apparently for another swim in an area he apparently had been in before. Unfortunately, the river was swollen with rain, and the rapids and undertow were more powerful than he realized until too late. He was seen in the water, got stuck in an undertow and went under. The search teams continued to look into the night tonight. I am thankful for their efforts. As delirious as I would be with a rescue, the search is focused on recovery.
I am sorry for the pain this brings. I know many people love Adam. He has been a very special young man of great integrity, and he has brought joy to so many. I hurt for me, and I hurt for you who love him. But I am thankful for the blessing of my son, Adam Brent Smelser. 2 Thess. 4 - Scott Smelser

Search teams and volunteers today began the third day searching for a man seen going under water Sunday in Barren River near downtown Bowling Green.

Witnesses called 911 at 1:01 p.m. Sunday to say that they heard a man yell for help in Barren River and saw him go under. Rescue teams from the Bowling Green Fire Department and the Warren County Rescue Department had boats in the water by 1:10 p.m. and out after sundown Sunday because of the storms in the area, according to Deborah Williams, spokeswoman for WCRD.  

Search crews resumed work Monday morning and searched around the clock, taking only short food breaks. So far, search and rescue personnel, along with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, have searched 26 miles of the river as of 1 a.m. this morning. 

“We’re using everything we’ve got,” Williams said of both manpower and equipment.

Speculation has surrounded the man’s identity. A prayer group gathered Monday morning on the walking bridge at Riverwalk Park for Western Kentucky University student Adam Smelser, who went for a run Sunday afternoon near the river, leaving his truck and cellphone at home. 

Smelser’s roommate filed a missing persons report with the Bowling Green Police Department after Smelser didn’t return from his barefoot run Sunday, according to the report. He left his apartment near the river about an hour before people saw a man yelling for help in the water. No one has seen Smelser since the missing persons report was filed. His roommate told police it was uncommon for Smelser not to return to the apartment prior to Sunday evening church services.

The identity of the person who was seen in the water Sunday remains uncertain. 

“Our focus is to search for a reported missing person on the water, and in the event it’s needed, we will recover,” Williams said.

Once that person is found, appropriate law enforcement agencies and the coronor’s office will be notified. 

The search began Sunday afternoon but had to be called off about 4 p.m. Sunday because of severe weather threats. Winds picked up and a succession of three tornado warnings were issued for the area.

“The last place you want to be is on the water in a metal boat with lightning and thunder,” Williams said. “By the time (bad weather had passed), it was dark.”

Although WCRD has performed searches in the dark, Williams said the weather was too dicey to continue after dark.

“We just can’t go out if it’s lightning and thundering, especially if there are tornado warnings,” Williams said. “You’ve got to account for the people you have out in the boats and in vulnerable areas.”

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife and WCRD are using advanced equipment in the boats, such as a Towfish sonar. The Towfish sonar scans the water, not just the banks, which is what side-scan sonars do. The crews don’t discount side-scan sonars, however, because keeping an eye on the banks is just as important as looking in the middle of the river, Williams said.

“You just never say never,” Williams said. “Anything’s possible.”

In the area near the rapids, where witnesses saw the man go under, the current is so strong that the image gathered from the Towfish sonar and projected on the computer screen can be “scrambled,” Williams said.

The area where the man went under water has always been troublesome, Williams said. Although the water was a little higher today because of rain, it was not as bad as it could have been. When the water is so high that the rapids can no longer be seen, it’s an indicator that conditions are even more treacherous, Williams said.

When the search didn’t yield any results Sunday, crews extended their search to the county line beginning at 8 a.m. Monday. The crews searched in different directions throughout the day, encountering parts of Barren River that feed into Green River. They remained on the water all night Monday night and were still searching today at press time.

“We’ve got a lot of water to cover, and that’s the reason we’re doing (the search) the way we’re doing it,” Williams said.

Search crews will continue searching with available volunteers.

“We’re just going to have to take it a day at a time until we find something,” Williams said.

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all i can say is Oh GOD! OH GOD!we are so depending on YOU.

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