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Father God, thank you for this day. Father, forgive me of my sins. God, I am requesting for you to truly show Jay that he is wrong about what he has told me. Father God, you know the hurtful and harmful things my ex husband did to me. Thank you for freeing me from the torment. Thank you for showing ne my future is so greater than my past.

You have continously to remind me to focus on you. Father, you know me better than anyone on this earth. Show me what I need to do as far as Jay and my relationship. I do not believe he loves me the same way I love him.. Father, I do not doubt your prophetic word as far as Jay and I. Jay is going by natural sight. Father, move upon my behalf.

PREPARE me to be the wife Jay needs. Remove every inconstistancy that is not of you. Teach him how to be sincere when he hurts my feelings. Teach him how to love me the way you love the church. Remove the selfish thinking.Change his way of thinking. Make him listen to godly married men. Allow those Godly men to seek him out. Make his words and actions match what's truly in his heart.

Whatever he is afraid expose it ,destroy it and cast it into the pit in which it came from. Whomever is tempting him remove them and server all ties. Open his eyes wide and break into his heart for him to see how disrespectful what Corey and Chrissy are attempting to do.

Reveal his true heart. Allow him to see how enemy has been deceiving him. Light the fire of determination in applying your into his life. Allow him to see and feel all the pain he is causing and is causing.

Father, our son is going to be born next month. I declare and decree a major shift. Allow this baby to be surround by love, peace, harmony,prosperity,angels, family members, and god fearing friends. Father, instill in me the spiritual tools to protect baby J's spiritual being from all evil people and things. I know I am the one true Alpha Female you have called me out to be.

Weld the door shut between Kat and Jay. Father, I am so tired of the enemy foolishness. I place all these people in your hands. I am your soldier,God. You have brought me through many a battles and this battle is no different.

You have provided for me before and you are providing for me now. I declare and decree Baby J is protected by the blood of lamb. No weapons formed shall prosper. Every wagging tongue shall decease. Isaiah 54:17.

Satan , you and your demonic spirits have no reign over Baby J, Jay, and myself. You have no place within the finances, everyone and everything withing my household.

You are a liar and deceiver. You come to seek , kill and destory. You mean no good. Flee from here. Flee from me. Flee from Baby J. Flee for Jay. In Jesus name.

*******Every fellow Christian who is distress using this app. *****************I bind the works of the enemy and cast the evil tatics. We are strong and mighty through the most High God. We come against EVERY evil force. We bind the forces and cast them back into the pit in which it came from.

There is peace ,prosperity,healing, and restoration. In Jesus name.

We thank you for what you are already doing , Father. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

by pregnantfaith

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