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Abba father in heaven, I've taken a pregnancy test and it came back positive. Abba idk wat to do, I am nervous confused & freaking out. I kno tht abortion is against ur will bt Abba idk if I shud keep this baby or not. As much as I wud love to keep it bcuz this is my vry first child of my 24 yrs of life wit the man I prayerfully marry soon, we can't afford a baby now tht we live together paying rent the lights getting lil groceries to survive & we plan to get a car to move around to wrk & school. My fiancee doesn't want to tell me tht he wants an abortion bcuz he feel as tho it's nt his choice, right now idk choice I got abba. I feel like ur upset wit me father for having sex before marriage bt then am blessed wit a baby in my womb. Abba plz help me am so afraid to disappoint you my mom & my fiancee..plz help me amen

by Truly Blessed

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I can't tell you what to do because I've never been in your situation. But please, please pray and seek God adamantly before making any final decision about your baby. God will provide.

Whitney | on Nov 18, 2013

God will provide if we have faith. "With faith as small as a mustard seed we can move mountains ", so you know with faith He will provide, even if you THINK you can't afford a baby, God will create a way. He does more than our humanly minds can imagine. Hang in there. Praying for your peace too. Our love to you .

Anonymous | on Nov 18, 2013

God bless you all, thank you for praying for me

Truly Blessed | on Nov 19, 2013

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