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11/18/13* ThanksGiving,Prayer

I come to U Lord, thanking U for ,the many gifts, U have supply me with , not because I'm worthy, But because U are a awsome God. Lord Heavey Father, thankYou for waking we up one more time. Thank U for waking up my husband also. Thank U for the food U alou me to have, Thank U for a table to set down to receive the food. Lord U been so good to me I can,t tell it all , and even, when I think about it, it dose something to my sole,where I gets something going on in my stomach,and tonge-tided. Lord thank U for a bed to lay my head; and most of all thank U for a place to put the bed, and the table, Father thank U for whom U alow to be a part of my family, and thank U for giving us choices, to choose our friends. Thank U for being a friend, and thank U for being a un-changing God.Thank U Father , God of Ab. Is & Jacob Thank U for giving me the mind set, to do good to all men,and help me to exercise what I know is right. help me not to take for granted,all those wonderful things U granted me with. Lord I pray for the hungry,the homeless, the old, the sick and shut in, the abused, the lonely, the lost soles, the needy and greedy, Lord help me not to be a glut in any way. Lord I pray to lose the fat my body need to release.I pray for the best health I can have, mentally and phiically, I pray for energy, to carry on whatever task U have for me and my husband to do in life. I pray for my job 30 yr.retirement plan works, out and Ipray that my husband social security plan works out,when the time is right. Lord U know our needs. Lord I pray that we have some left over so that we can take care of some of the things , that we have been slacking of ourselves.
Lord I pray for the surgeries,my husband, my sister, and myself gose purfect,to the point where every pain in our bodies is taken away for good. I pray for my mother to be free from the shingers. I pray for Frank and Maria health. I pray for there siturations, Lord I truely, pray for the broken heart my sister, been carrying for so long, I pray for her son, and all of the nephews, nieces, and children of the world. I pray for all curses, of our family to be broken. I pray that mines ,and Louis family are made whole. Lord I pray that the pain is release from all over my body emediately, and forever. Lord help me to Keep my eyes on the real prize, and not on negetiveness. Lord help me to be the best wife, daughter, step mother,sister, niece,aunt, cousin,employer, coworker,landlord, friend,neihbor, servant, citzen,and child of God I can be. Help me to never give up, and remember it's not all about me. Help me to always be able to make a differants in somebody else life.
Lord I pray that me and my husband can be in the position to start back helping out serving the needy,and what way U choses for us. I pray for the world and the leaders, who's leading us.Oh precious Lord we are so---- thankful for U making a way out of no way yesterday,when U made it so that, we only had to spend about $400. for the heater, at our rented house and then to top that U made it positable for us to come up with the money. Lord God thank for alowing us to get credit for a heater for our house last year , and Lord thank U for the credit we was able to get to fix. up the rented house many other time. Dear,Father our income no longer can aford to handle the payments,So I call out to that wonderful name to save us again, Lord U know our situration, if no one else do'nt understand, We can't sell, 650'street house, because we will owe too much,and we don't have money left over for repairs. Father give us a miracle. Help us to become debt free, We don't want to ignor Your blessing, give us wisdom with what to do. Send someone our way to make the payments,much much lower,so we can be able to keep Your gjft, and if it is Your will to release it, Make it a way that we find a buyer, where we can pay our debts, and owe nothing. Lord I beleive in miricles. U said ask and I coming to U Lord, asking to be release from bondage in struggling, I pray that we only have to pay 10% of what we are paying now, if it is Your will for us to keep it. Lord we love You because You love us first, and that's why we know You hear us, and trust in Ur will. Forgive me for any wronge I have done, known or unkown, and forgive those who have trusted past against me. teach me Lord, reach me Lord untill I get it right. I pray for everyone on this application. Thank U for all Ur blessing, the ones,that here, and the ones, that near. Blessing to Ur precious Wholly name.

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