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Taylor and i only want to be a blessing not a burden.My dad thinks we are a joke because nothing seems to go right for us.He definitely doesn't care that much for the Bible when he stands back and sees only a GOD who has put judgement on us.
He says " you must have done something really bad because nothing turns around for you".Help! You heard him, YOU see everything YOU know the pain i feel, the hopelessness, deep in my soul.The sad thing is he is right. Before being saved i was the worst of the worst.YOU said all things become new, i even have a new name.GOD, YOUR name will not be mocked and YOU protect YOUR name.Did YOU open my eyes because YOU just want me punished and for me to know it???or because YOU want to give me another chance and love me like no other?please say the latter.but that's not how its turning out.YOU want to be our first love..please Love me like NO other person could possibly love me.Do the biggest, miracle YOU have ever done.Nothing less will do.with a wounded, heart and spirit i pray
and say rescue me out of this pit.I want my dad to see YOU are for us, so he wants to know YOU too.with tears.amen.

by ※Selah※

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Sometimes people seem surprised that they must go through a time of trial or suffering. Perhaps they've been faithful to learn and obey the Word, and the trials still come embrace brokenness, knowing that it will lead to greater things in your future.

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Agape Love 💓 | on Nov 18, 2013

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