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I am a student who is working full time.I work in the morning and study at night.I love working at where I am working right now.Its truly a blessing to work there.Few months working there a new collegeau was recruited.She throws all kinds of accusation on me.She told my boss I tore a paper and threw on her face.My boss was very mad at me I tried to explain but was not allowed.Then she accused me again of throwing the phone to her. I was told by my boss that action will be taken on me.I showed my boss the cctv recording and she did not want to watch.She kept saying I am not going to terminate her.She can go far in this company.I said I am just showing you that I did not do it.I then took it to the HOD and showed him.He believed and trusted me.My boss likes my colleague because she is the same religion as her and she always share her sad stories to my boss.My boss sympathise her.She comes late everyday.Doesnt do any task. Takes medical leave each week one time but still my boss gave her an increment.My boss is a very nice woman but she has been influenced greatly by this person.My boss always supports and cover up for this person evem when its wrong.She has caused so many people to turn their back on me.People trust her stories and they are all lies.I am so devastated and am very angry as she has jeopardise my career.She has made many people to think badly about me.I just need god to show the truth to my boss and all the people that believes her.I want the great Lord to remove her from this company.She has caused me so much of trouble and is still causing me so much of trouble.Please let us all pray together.Thank You.

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i pray no weapons formed against you will prosper..amen.

β€»Selahβ€» | on Nov 17, 2013

In Jesus name. Amen

pregnantfaith | on Nov 17, 2013

Im praying for you also

Anonymous | on Nov 17, 2013

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