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Dear lord

Touch his heart. Work on his heart. PChange his heart. Let it not be easy for him without me. Let him have no other choice but to go back to England. Don't let it get easier as the days go by. Let it be harder, with him missing me more each day. Realizing that when married you do really becoming one. Let him feel as only half of him exist and see that his problems, money, stress ex were not caused by me and that I did try to be supportive. Let him miss the kids and wonder why so many little things made him so angry. Let him realize he needs help and yearn and want our family restored. Let his desire to save our family, to want our family grow with every passing day. Open his eyes letting him realize the damage he has done by the things he has told his mother. For the first time let him be truthful with her causing her eyes to open. Change her footing on the stand point of our marriage and suddenly let her to be encouraging. Let her be able to see things from my eyes and let her help support him in getting on his feet to help save our marriage. Help her to see what the kids have gone through and help him to stop making excuses for his behavior. Make it hard for him to eat and sleep, and fill his dreams with images of me and him and repeats of all the times we spent together. All the things he should have said and done. Help him to feel the way I felt times 100, and each time turn that into determination and prayer. Determination to fix out marriage. Want to pray for the restoration of our marriage. Rather it be marriage counseling or parenting classes. Vindicate me of all the lies he's told on me. Let the truth be revealed of his own doing and choice. Heal ALL anger and resentment in him for having to leave to England or for the way things have happened. Let us both be aware daily of our part. Heal in me whatever stood in the way of our communication and teach me a better way to communicate. Just as he once worked there for months to support our family. Let him do the same this time. Wanting our family just as much now and he did the day we married. Just as much now as he did that summer waiting on the visa. The summer I let him down w S.

Let him not want or desire or look at another woman. Put a love in his heart for me so overwhelmingly strong that the very idea of me and another sickens him. Or him and another. Make the love so passionate that his need to contact me starts almost immediately. But unlike other times let this time be helpful and conversation flow quickly, let understanding seem almost elementary. Each time he sees another woman let him be reminded he's married and misses his wife. Let each song on the radio remind him He's married And misses his wife. Let each time he sees something fun him think I wish my wife and kids and I could do that. When he sees another woman do not let him wish she was his but rather let it be as though he's seen a painting. Or an image. Let it mean nothing to him.

Heal his stress and teach him better ways of coping. Let the change in him not mean that life's better without me but rather that now life can be better in our marriage. Now our marriage can begin. Let him realize this and let that be exactly what he wants.

In the next few months allow him to go through whatever he needs to experience to fix and restore our marriage. To restore it in a way that it will never falter again. In Jesus name amen.

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