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I am lonely. I have a boyfriend who I don't live with but I have not one friend. So I am stuck trying to give myself advice, an talking to my boyfriend or myself. My boyfriend who's my fiance gets tired of me pouting to him even though he hasn't said it but it makes me look bad. Besides all that, I have a distant terrible relationship with my mom and my future mother in law an I are a relationship in the works. I'm looking for a job that's a whole different issue. I feel like I'm going in circles getting nowhere. I also feel overwhelmed, stressed, scared, worried, depressed, and sad. I've tried staying positive I've tried prayer. I am so lost. I just need help. There's more only God knows.

by Anonymous

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I understand how you feel sometimes I feel or I felt the same way.when you pray believe God has heard you believe that God is working just believe.Jesus u understands you.and wants to help you just believe put your faith in a blessing to somebody else this will help you focus on the problems of others like on this app pray for them the ones that have prayer petitions leave your pictures petitions in the hands of God.remember God loves you he knows what you're going through it says in the Bible that before you pray he already knows what you need to believe in him I love you in the love of Jesus and God loves you much much more look for the Holy Spirit and let him guide youeverything's going to be okay :-) :-) :-)

mr pray4u | on Nov 13, 2013

The (picture) was not my attention sorry

mr pray4u | on Nov 13, 2013

Oh wow! I truly needed that thank you so so much! I'm saving this and am going to read it often.

It gets hard because I feel as though I'm growing far away from God. I feel alone. I also feel scared of my future I feel like I'm going in circles an all my hard work has been in vain. I don't know, just worried. I'm going to do what you said though

Anonymous | on Nov 14, 2013

if you feel that you're going away from God then pray to get closer to least you care about your relationship with God and that is very important.

mr pray4u | on Nov 14, 2013

I wanted to share that I also struggle with anxiety but when I trust God I receive His presence and I receive His peace his peace different from the peace of the world.the piece that God gives you is that even go you're going to lose that you're going through you can trust him that He will guide you through it all.I want to help you heres my num 939 240 3339 I live in puerto rico

mr pray4u | on Nov 14, 2013

Oops I didnt mean to say (lose)

mr pray4u | on Nov 14, 2013

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