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Please please pray hard for my dad the ambulance is on its way to pick him up he's very sick he can't sit up be is urinating on himself and my mom had to bath him ... please pray please get others to pray for him please!!! He also has a weak heart congestive hay failure very bad congestive heart failure. . Please get everyone who believes in the power of prayer to heal him...God bless you all Plasse pray with great faith Jesus will heal him .

by Anonymous

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LORD i am just one person. Praying to YOU
talkin.g to YOU. i know by faith YOU and YOUR angels are already in this situation. We trust the way YOU say to do things.FATHER this is scary! YOU told us not to afraid or nervous or doubt,but right now we are doing everything afraid but couragess with YOUR strength.we pray for healing we can't heal only YOU can we raise this rescue 911 prayer up to YOU.this family needs YOU to show them just how personal of a GOD YOU are and Thank-you LORD JESUS that sometime YOU must carry all of us this is too much to bear..amen.

โ€ปSelahโ€ป | on Nov 13, 2013

Praying and lifting this up for you.with tears in my heart.amen.

โ€ปSelahโ€ป | on Nov 13, 2013

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