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Dear lord help me to understand why I hear these voices? Why they made me feel so terrible? What they want and how I can do better and live a better life! I'm happy being me but I feel like it's wrong in your eyes. The voices told me I will never get over my sexuality but what does that mean? Am I to change who I am when I thought you loved me just the way I am? I'm so confused and don't know who to turn to other than you but I'm scared I'm not going to like the answer. I want to be happy and i don't even know anymore what will do that. I thought I was going down the right path and now I think I'm completely wrong. I'm struggling so hard with trying to find the answers to everything. Tonight I finally looked up what the word repent means and I feel so scared for going back to my old ways after hearing that voice telling me to repent over and over again. Please forgive me but I know your real I just want to be Twyla but even that is getting tiring. Thank you for making me realize and fully understand tonight I have been on the wrong path. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I love being transgender. Can u still love me and open your arms to me?

by Twyla

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