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Please pray for me and my family. I ask for strength & courage to leave my husband who has only brought me down for 11yrs. We had a lot of good times but I know deep in my heart that he is not good for me. He does not build me up & he is a habitual cheater. I know I deserve way better but I married him in the eyes of God & never would have thought of divorce. I am extremely lonely for the past year & I don't receive any comfort from him. Iam scared that I won't be able to do it financially by myself. Renew my faith OH LORD!!! Iam so desperate to get away from the isolating and depression!!! I have talents and a special gift of helping people & all things!! It is what I enjoy but I want to share my joy with someone who appreciates me fo being me. I pray for my happiness back. I pray to use my talents to best of my ability and become successful at having my own shirt making business with my own t- shirt line!! Or maybe even pray for my slipped discs/health so I can go back to homecare working!! I miss me & I know that GOD has a GREAT plan for me I just need to find my courage. PLEEEEASE PRAY FOR ME! I'M JUST EXISTING & THE DEPRESSION HAS REALLY GOT A HOLD ON ME WHERE I DON'T WANT TO KILL MYSELF!! BECAUSE SOMETIMES THAT'S HOW I FEEL!! THANK U GOD BLESS EVERYONE ON HERE. I WILL PRAY FOR YOU TOO. I LOVE PEOPLE & JUST WANT THE BEST FOR MANKIND! ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!! LUVBUF...


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I will keep u in my prayers!. Stay strong know that god love u and he puts rainbow in every cloud. In jesus name I pray for u amen!!

Light | on Nov 12, 2013

I've been in a situation similar to yours. I have asked the Lord, our God to bless & help you & to send His Holy Spirit to comfort you. I have asked Him, also to put those in your life who are willing & able to help you....

turnip_seed | on Nov 12, 2013

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