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Oh, my Abba, LHC is in dire need of Your help. Her & mental condition has driven away almost all those who love her. Her physical health is is poor, & she doesn't take care of herself as she should. Her family & I want to help her, but her bipolar disorder, paranoia, & need for control has been a major discouraging factor. Abba, as You well know, she is well-established financially, & has used money numerous times to buy favors & companionship. She continually brags about what she can do for others this way. This is no longer working for her. She is now looking to strangers, those who are unaware of her illnesses. When these others find out, I am afraid of her being badly used. She is very lonely & badly wants companionship. Dear Abba, as You know, she & I have known each other & been friends for 50 years. I love her & want what is best for her, but her mental illness makes her difficult when trying to talk with her. She has become delusional in her belief, & thinks everyone is wrong but her. She justifies her misbeliefs & twists Scripture to her own liking. Please, Abba, help my friend, LHC. Help her family who is there with her & suffers most from her condition. Help me, too, in my efforts to help her as I can. You are ALL knowing & ALL powerful. You can turn these problems to blessings. I love You, my Abba & trust You to provide a welcome solution in these situations & circumstances. I pray all in the name of my Saviour, Christ Jesus. Amen & amen.

by turnip_seed

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Continue to stand in the gap and pray for your friend. I too suffer from Bipolar disorder and Anxiety, and also ADHD. I am 42 yes old. I was diagnosed in 2007. Best thing you can do is be there for her. I am very blessed even my psychiatrist says so. I have actually had this my since I was probably in my teens, but God kept me. When I first went to see someone she was surprised I had never be in the hospital ,because of all I had gone threw. Continue to trust and believe God. Not sure if she's someone or even take medication. I pray she recieves the help that she needs. Pray for God to keep those that don'tmean her well to stay as far as the east is from tthe west. Place a hedge of protection around her & open her mind to get the help she needs.. I will continue to pray for her because I know to well the struggles of this disorder and how bad it can be without treatment therapy and medication is the key.Many blessings to you..

jaju | on Nov 12, 2013

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